#MyJihad Egypt: Imam Goes to Church–See What Happens

by Garibaldi

On the Coptic Christmas holiday, Imam Mazhar Shaheen of the Omar Makram Mosque visited his friend and confidante the Pastor of the Qasr Al-Dubarah Church, Samih Morees, along with a thousand Muslims to extend well-wishes and greetings to their Christian neighbors. He was asked to speak, and his message was a resounding clarion call for tolerance, respect, dignity, humanity and unity amidst difference and tumult. He also stated that Christians and Muslims must be united against any foreign and internal plots at increasing sectarianism or imposing Imperialist/Colonialist designs on the Egyptian nation.

This is the type of story that Islamophobes wish to erase and suffocate because it does not fit their pre-set narrative regarding the role and position of Christians in the Middle East. They want an unholy war but it seems Juan Cole is correct, we are actually witnessing in the midst of uncertainty the strong possibilities of a flowering of Eastern Christianity. (h/t: All those who sent this in)

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