Breitbart.com Publishes Discredited Former FBI Agent John Guandalo’s Conspiracy Theory About Muslim Infiltration

by Jacob Hausner

In an article published on October 24, 2012 on Breitbart.com’s “Big Peace” website, John Guandolo, a former FBI agent who had to leave the agency due to his “unprofessional conduct” wrote an article with the blusterous title, CIA Hosts Training by Muslim Brotherhood Leader and Hamas Supporter.

You read that title right, there still are some on the Right trying to make hay out of the Muslim-Brotherhood-infiltration-of-the-US-government-conspiracy-theory, even after it has been condemned by high ranking members of their own party! A post-mortem analysis on this dead on arrival conspiracy theory may be necessary at some point; detailing how a cadre of hate-mongers on the Far-right, who received funding from wealthy donors, have been manufacturing anti-Muslim conspiracies in the finest tradition of US intolerance of the “other.” I plan on accomplishing this in a follow up article.

Suffice it to say that Guandolo belongs to the very same circuit of professional bigots who depend on anti-Muslim hate to sustain their livelihoods. Trumpeting the fear-mongering premise that American Muslims are a fifth column is everyday work for Guandolo and his friends, including fellow vice president of the Strategic Engagement Group, Stephen Coughlin.

Guandolo’s article essentially rests on trying to character assassinate Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Director of the ADAMS mosque and president of ISNA, as well as the two aforementioned institutions.

Apparently, Guandolo thinks it is “insane” that the CIA, the FBI, the DHS, the White House and all relevant agencies consider Imam Magid a tremendous “asset” when it comes to “countering violent extremism,” and “building trust between Muslims and law enforcement.”

Guandolo writes,

Having Magid advise and teach U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials can only be aptly described as insane.

Before addressing Guandolo’s ad hominem attack on Magid, lets consider this for a second, why are we supposed to take the words of a discredited former FBI agent with a record of anti-Muslim activism, who had to leave the agency with his tail between his legs for “unprofessional conduct” over that of the White House, the CIA, the FBI and the DHS? Frankly, no sane person would!

Let’s entertain Guandolo’s claims, which rest on 1.), his charge that both ADAMS and ISNA are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, and 2.) that they are supporters of Hamas,

The ADAMS Center is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization.  It was founded by some of the most senior Muslim Brothers in the United States, to include Ahmed Totanji, who still resides in Herndon, Virginia.  Its website proclaims “[ADAMS] is a membership organization registered in the State of Virginia as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation and is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).”

Imam Magid is the Executive Director of the ADAMS Center.  He is also the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the U.S. which was found to be a financial support entity for Hamas in the largest terrorism financing and Hamas trial in U.S. history (US v Holy Land Foundation, Dallas, 2008).

First, notice how none of the above two charges have anything to do with the person of Imam Mohamed Magid, but rather groups he is associated with, i.e. the old “guilt by association” smear attempt.

Second, and most importantly Guandolo is LYING and SLANDERING both ADAMS Center and ISNA. He presents as fact his claim that ADAMS is a Muslim Brotherhood front group. He claims this is because it was founded by supposed “senior Muslim Brothers in the United States.” Despite the fact that both the ADAMS Center and ISNA have time and again refuted the claim that they have anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, Guandolo refuses to contradict them by citing evidence. Note that Guandolo doesn’t provide a link or a quote to substantiate his claims that ADAMS Center was founded by “senior Muslim Brothers” or who and what Ahmed Totanji has to do with them or ADAMS Center.

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the group that Imam Magid leads has never been found to be a “financial support entity for Hamas,” that is just a plain false and slanderous assertion. The lead prosecutor in the Holy Land Foundation Trial has even been on the record saying, “ISNA was never the subject or target in the Holy Land Foundation Trial or any other pending investigation.”

So what’s behind all these libelous and slanderous assertions? Why is it that Guandolo wants people to believe there are Muslim Brotherhood plants that are influencing the direction of the US government?

The answer is simple, Islamophobes such as Guandolo want to delegitimize mainstream American Muslims and undermine the good works they do because they do not want them to be a part of the USA. By being good citizens and creating a better America and world, Muslims demolish the Islamophobia Movement’s narrative of “stealth Muslims,” a perception haters wish to create and bolster so as to strip American Muslims of their rights.

Daniel Pipes, the godfather of the Islamophobia Movement once remarked that he fears the “enfranchisement of Muslim Americans,” what we are seeing in articles by the likes of John Guandolo is the manifestation of the Islamophobia Movement’s fears and their response: a propaganda war on American Muslims.