ISNA and Shoulder-to-Shoulder Faith Leaders Applauded in Senate Hearings

ISNA and Shoulder-to-Shoulder Faith Leaders Applauded in Senate Hearings

(March 30, 2011) On Tuesday of this week, the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Constitution held their hearing on the status of Muslim civil rights in America.  Leading the hearing were Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin and Ranking Member Sen. Lindsey Graham with witnesses ranging from Ast.Attorney General Thomas Perez to national faith leaders.

ISNA was mentioned positively by members of the committee and witnesses at the hearing seven times for its positive contributions to protect religious freedoms and pluralism and denounce acts of violence and hate.  Sen. Durbin closed the hearing by reading an excerpt from the written testimony submitted by ISNA and the other members of the interfaith ‘Shoulder-to-Shoulder’ campaign.

To view highlights from the hearing, and contact Sen. Durbin and Sen. Graham to thank them for their bi-partisan leadership, click here.

Below are links to news coverage of ISNA in the context of the hearings, along with a link to the written testimonies submitted by ISNA and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign.

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