Imam Magid on Our Collective Security

Imam Magid on “Our Collective Security”

March 5, 2011
Imam Mohamed Magid’s Remarks at “Our Collective Security” Event
All Dulles Area Muslim Society

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful

Mr Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, White house officials, members of the diplomatic corps, our elected officials, members of the federal and local government, law enforcement, media, our friends from the interfaith community, and members of the ADAMS community: I would like to welcome all of you to ADAMS center.

People ask me which ADAMS? And I take this as an opportunity for a larger conversation. ADAM from the Scriptures was the first man, who with his wife Eve, symbolizes the unity of humanity. And this belief, of being a single community and a single family is represented in the diversity in this room.

Being from one family means to protect one another, to stand up for each other and to serve one another. It is this belief that made the members of the interfaith community stand up for the American Muslim community in difficult times. It is these interfaith communities that spent the night in our parking lot on the anniversary of 9/11 to send a signal that the Muslim community is part of the American family, just as President Obama stated in his state of the union speech.

Because of this belief, the Muslim community stands strongly against violent extremism and the taking of innocent lives. It is the holy Quran, as well as the Old Testament that stated “Whoever takes an innocent life, it is as if they have taken the life of all humanity. And whoever saves a life, it is as if he has saved all humanity.”

Because of this belief that all humanity is one, our Fiqh Council (our Jurisprudence Council) issued a fatwa (a religious decree) stating that violent extremism and taking innocent life, and aiding people to do so, is ABSOLUTELY prohibited by Islam and considered a major sin.

It is because we are one family that our community works with public servants in law enforcement to address and fight violent extremism. And it is this belief of being one family that guarantees freedom of religion for every human being.

We, the American Muslim community takes a strong stand against discrimination and violence against religious minorities everywhere, including in Muslim majority countries. We believe that the freedom that we enjoy in America, is precious to all of us, and should not be taken for granted. We stand up together with our interfaith and government partners for this freedom, so that my five daughters and your children will be able to go to school without being bullied or called names. And they will be proud of their American Muslim identity.

It is this belief, of being one family, that makes our public servants people serve every member of society, and not to single out any member of any community for discrimination or isolation.

My friends, it is this belief of being one family that makes America a great country, full of diversity and respectful of minorities.

I would like to thank the people who have made this event possible. The officials from the White House, Ambassador Mr Rashad Husain, President Obama’s envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, Mr Paul Monteiro, Associate Director White House Office of Public Engagement, the members of our ADAMS community and the Muslim community from the metro DC area.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our guest today, Mr Denis McDonough. He is one of those public servants who takes great pride in serving our country.

A full transcript of Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama Denis McDonough’s speech can be found here.